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6 Reasons to hire a Personal Stylist

6 Reasons to hire a Personal Stylist

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6 reasons you guys need to hire a personal stylist.
Ever notice how some guys just look great and look ‘put together’? They don’t seem to be trying too hard on the style front yet have that je ne sais quoi that other guys don’t possess. Some just naturally have ‘it’, while the others have a dirty little secret; they’ve probably hired me, or someone like me, as their personal stylist.
If you’re wondering whether you should hire a personal stylist or wardrobe consultant, here are the plus points:
 1 TIME. Hiring a stylist will save you time.  You will never have to rummage through your closet battling to choose the right outfit. You will have the knowledge to know which item complements another and select the right outfit for each occasion. That leaves time for the important decisions. Also, you don’t have to waste your spare time hitting the shops as a stylist will shop ‘til they drop for you.
    2  SAVE MONEY. Hiring a stylist can save you money. No more hard-earned cash frittered away on clothes that don’t fit or suit your body shape. Forget random fashion trends and colours that look cringe worthy on you. We’ll style a closet of clothes that work for you, your shape and your lifestyle.

       3  YOU LOOK GOOD. Hiring a stylist can make the difference between looking awesome or awful. Stylists help you to create the image you want to present to the world. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Make it the right one. Make it a stylish one. Make it a confident one. Let’s start turning heads for all the right reason

      4   CONFIDENCE. Hiring a stylist could change your life.  People will look and treat you differently; at work, socially and on the street. You will turn heads and be complimented on your new, personal style. Just smile, knowing your dirty little secret will be kept in the vault

      The Blonde's Tip – Smile and say: “Thanks”.

      5 CREATES SPACE. Hiring a stylist creates valuable closet space. Clearing out the clutter of clothes that no longer fit, or are relevant to your life, creates space to see the outfits and accessories that you really need.

        6 . CONSISTENCY.  You probably already surround yourself with people to streamline your life, who help you to make the best use of your time and money, encourage you to stay fit and healthy and, importantly, be at the top of your game.
         Most busy executives have armies of assistants, employees, secretaries, advisers, drivers, personal trainers, executive coaches and sometimes even angels! With such a strong team in place, one aspect that shouldn't fall by the wayside is your professional image. Just as your assistant would schedule your week, you should also have a stylist to ensure that your wardrobe aligns with your professional image. Then, you’ll be prepared for that presentation, meeting or event. Most people spend countless hours preparing for a meeting or presentation, but only spend minutes deciding how to present themselves. Your image shouldn’t be an afterthought. . A stylist will make sure you project style as well as substance.
        The Blonde's Tip - Be like Bosley!

        Do YOU want to be that guy who walks into the room and people take notice? They might not know why you stand out in the crowd; they just know that you do. A personal stylist might just be the missing link. Because really, what do you have to lose, except going unnoticed?

        The Blonde's Tip - Let’s keep this little secret under our hats!



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