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A Simple Guide to Sushi Etiquette

A Simple Guide to Sushi Etiquette

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I’ve been eating and thoroughly enjoying sushi for as longer as I can remember. Heck, I’ve even had my own attempts at making it!  I’ve just had a little down-town, down-time in Japan – turns out, I’ve been eating it all wrong for as long as I can remember!
 Sure, I know my way around a sashimi and a maki and can spot a nigiri at a hundred paces.  Hey, I even know it’s not the ‘done thing’ to rub your chopsticks together.  I did learn a few subtle do’s and don’ts though in Japan to make me look less like a sushi baka and more like a sushi master warrior.   
 Here’s a few simple tips and tricks to getting it spot on in the sushi department.

1 Choose your weapons.
I always assumed chopsticks were the way to eat sushi. If you’re eating sashimi, chopsticks are the only way but, for all the others - turns out fingers are perfectly acceptable.  It’s only acceptable to use your thumb and index finger if this is the route you choose. So, don’t feel like a dumb ass if you struggle with the chopsticks – just gently pick your nigiri up and say this is how the Japanese do it.
The Blonde's Tip – Knife and fork? Never. Ever. Ever 
2 Ginger
Ok, I admit, I can’t get enough of the ginger – it’s soooo good!  Turns out it’s not simply a garnish or to be devoured as quickly as possible. What??  Turns out its proper purpose on the table is a palette cleanser. Who knew? If you had tuna, for example, and your next bite is salmon sushi then eat a slice of the ginger to cleanse the mouth. Then you can try the next piece without confusing the flavours. Clever stuff. Mouth currently watering..


3 Dunk, don’t drown.

This is so obvious when you know how. When eating Nigiri dip it into your soy sauce fish side down. Going rice first will make the sushi break up. Duh! As soy is a strong flavour only dip a little so it’s advised to only put a small amount in your dish and then top up as you go.  

The Blonde's Tip – don’t dunk and swirl your nigiri around in a pool of soy sauce- not cool!

 4 On the flip side

You can place the nigiri in your mouth fish-side down which makes sense as the flavour comes from the fish so you want your tongue to be getting the full flavour. Don’t do this so much if you’ve dipped in soy sauce as all you’ll taste is soy sauce.  Flip it the other way. 


5 Down the hatch

Now, here’s where I struggle – a nigiri is designed to be eaten in one mouthful. I’ve a small mouth, I’ve negotiated some colossal nigiri in my time. I think this story tells itself!

The Blonde's Tip – ask you date a question which takes some answering, pop the nigiri in and  bide yourself a bit of time to devour without having to converse! 

6 Hot Stuff

Ok, I do what we all do – mix my wasabi in my soy. Amateur! Seemingly the best way to enjoy your wasabi is not to make a weird wasabi and soy sauce soup in a dish but to place a small amount of the wasabi directly onto the fish with your chopsticks.

The Blonde's Tip – Just a small amount, about a pea size, should do the trick. Enough to feel the warm of the wasabi, not too much to make your eyes water. Tears streaming down your face is not a good look on anybody.  


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