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How to Buy Flowers for your Lover

How to Buy Flowers for your Lover

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How to buy flowers for your lover.

Here’s The Blonde’s guide on all things floral.  I’ve found over the years that, for such a small gesture, it surely packs a punch and produces oversized joy.

The Blonde’s Tip – don’t just save for a birthday’s, Valentine’s Day or an apology. It’s the flowers you buy just because you were thinking of your lover when they weren't around, which will mean the most for sure.


1 Avoid buying a mixed bouquet.

Keep things elegant, simple and pure. Nothing says style and class more than a bouquet of one single flower type.  Keep is fresh and simple with no foliage or fancy paper. Just asked for them to be wrapped in brown paper. Super simple and chic. Favorites to create the most impact for me would be large off white or pale, dusky pink roses.  I’m a sucker for cornflower blue hydrangeas and sometimes a simple bunch of pink tulips or sunny yellow daffodils in spring will bring a beaming smile to my face .


The Blonde’s Tip – avoid red if you can. It can be a tad obvious and lacks imagination. A classic white or soft dusky,  pink/ peach shows more thoughtfulness.


It took my father a whole heap of time to learn that after years of buying colourful carnations every week for my mother every week that she secretly didn’t like them and longed for simple white blooms. It took her years to pluck up the courage to let us all know! I had to intervene and have a quite chat in my father’s ear one day. Now there are always white lilies, roses or tulips sitting pride of place in the hallway. Nearly 50 years married…just saying.

2 Choose a fool proof flower

Don’t try to be fancy and source something out of season. Like fruit  and vegetables, only certain flowers are available at certain times of the year. Some, like roses are available all year round. Stick to peonies in the spring, dahlias in summer, for the autumn months opt for hydrangeas and winter something like a ranunculi’s. They will be easier to get hold off, look healthier and last longer.

3 Longevity

You want you flowers to certainly last more than 24 hours and certainly still be fresh when they get delivered. To avoid drooping blooms choose flowers which are not already in full bloom or anything too tightly in bud. Opt for stems which are just budding and on the verge of blossoming opening.


4 Not the time for War and Peace.

When writing the note – keep it short and sweet. A simple' I love you' will always hit the mark whether you’re in the opening throws of romance or been married for 25 years. We like to know you know!

Or if the blooms are an apology then a simple ‘sorry’ will work. This is not the time nor place for big, wordy explanations. Save that for the face to face connection.


5 Wrong place, right time

If you can’t get hold of flowers then buy a plant or orchid instead.  A simple re potting a stylish pot will do the trick.

I was the delighted recipient of a hand delivery cacti not so long ago. I was being 'spiky' and letting things get on top of me. My friend sent a cute little cacti to know he was thinking of me and that, despite my occasional spikiness,  he will always there for me.  It was most unexpected, it’s still alive (no mean feat as do not have green thumbs!) and makes me smile every morning when I see his little spikes pointing at me from my window sill. I treasure it.


The Blonde’s Tip – if supermarket flowers are all that’s to hand then a simple repacking in clear cellophane or white paper with a raffia bow makes them look a million times better.

So, give flowers for somebody you love today for no other reason that you were thinking of them and wanted to make them smile.







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