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How To Get Your Home Date Night Ready

How To Get Your Home Date Night Ready

Life by the Blonde - Tips from the Female Eye for the Modern Guy.

Just because you’ve managed to get the girl of your dreams past the threshold of your home, it doesn’t mean that the final hurdle has been cleared. A less than presentable home can quickly turn unbridled passion into abject horror.

It’s not necessary for rose petals, a million candles and Barry White to turn a first-time visitor into a regular guest, but a little thought goes a long way to turning a romantic dream into a reality.

1. Cleanliness –This is priority number one for girls. Many great dates have ended badly thanks to gross kitchens, disgusting bathrooms and a cleanliness bar that’s low enough only for ants to pass under.

Invest in a cleaning service. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or a one-time blitz, impress your date with a pristine place he or she will want to revisit.

The Blonde’s Tip – Follow the 5-star hotel model; clean, crisp, white bed linen. Thank me later.

2 Be prepared – Whether you’ve chosen music, a movie or a gastronomic adventure, be prepared and have a back-up plan.

Prepare music playlists and have movie choices on hand to suit the mood.

If you are using Spotify or similar for your Late-Night Love mix, pay for the commercial-free upgrade. Nothing spoils a moment more than an anonymous voice cutting in to holler about Diet Coke.

If food is on the cards, attempt a tried and tested favorite. Now’s not the time to attempt a Marco Pierre White delight. A well-delivered favorite will be more impressive than your unsuccessful attempt to stuff a quail. Have a back-up plan if disaster threatens; takeaway apps at the ready!

3 Be Thoughtful - Edit your home for traces of previous visitors! My friend texted me mid-date recently asking: “Should I be worried that there are three tooth brushes in the bathroom?”  Oral-obsessed freak or Mr Lover Lover? We know this probably ain’t your first rodeo but ...

4. Well-stocked Bar – You don’t need to have a home bar that would make Employees Only proud or turn Truman Capote’s head with your version of the Screwdriver. The basics to mix a drink will do; gin, vodka or rum would suffice and perhaps a cheeky Aperol for a sunset aperitif.

Wine: chilled, good quality and preferably a grape variety she likes. Champagne: very European, very gentlemanly, very suave, very good idea.

The Blonde’s Tip – Freeze your glasses in advance

5. And finally, Ambience

Lighting – Not even a Victoria’s Secret Angel looks good in fluorescent, overhead lighting. Invest in lamps and candles to create a more flattering light.

Smell - It’s a scientific fact that men can’t smell as well as women! No bachelor wants his pad to smell like an old lady’s handbag or last night’s poker game. Open the windows and buy some candles and reed scent diffusers to freshen things up.

The Chill Factor - Science tells us that women feel the cold more than men. Pay attention to your guests’ chill tolerance and your air con control. Nobody, literally, wants to be given the cold shoulder.


The Blonde’s Tip - Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’. A vibrating phone during an intimate moment is a major mood killer.


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