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What's a Personal Stylist?

What's a Personal Stylist?

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Let's explain what stylists can do and how they can give you confidence and a little va va voom in the style stakes.

Stylists help men figure out their own style. We’re not just talking about ‘bling’d - up’ celebrities, corporate C-level men or high net-worth individuals. Many clients are working guys from different businesses and lifestyles.  What you all have in common is a realization that, for whatever reason, you need to step up your style game.

Are you climbing up the promotion ladder and need to smarten up to compete in the bigger game? Or are you, perhaps, recently single and find yourself diving head first back in the dating pool? Whatever life is throwing at you, you’ve realized that how you look and how others perceive you is important. In the words of Michael Jackson -  it’s time to make a change, na, na, na…

Essentially, stylists look at what’s in your current wardrobe, your style and lifestyle, and evaluate what’s working and what’s not. They will identify gaps and suggest changes, finding solutions for you. It can involve home closet consultations or shopping trips where you choose whether or not to go along for the ride. It could involve a one-off meeting or a monthly, quarterly or seasonal review and update.

Let’s also clear up the misconception between fashion and style. Having personal style isn’t about being fashionable. It’s much more internal and long lasting than buying what’s in vogue this season. So, we promise -  no gold hot pants or 70’s flares just because Vogue says so.

A personal styling journey could go along these lines: 

    1. Home closet consultation. This is an opportunity to review your current closet and discuss what works and what doesn’t, identify gaps in your style, and look at ways of putting existing pieces together in combinations you had never considered. Rid your wardrobe of ill-fitting garb that is no longer relevant to your life. This reveals not only the holes in your wardrobe, but also the beginnings of your style. You then have a clear list of key pieces to source.

   2.  Shopping.  The stylist will visit the brands they know suit your shape, style, budget and requirements. A great stylist knows what’s out there and what will work for you. A stylist can pre-select clothes so that all you need to do is rock up and try them on.  Alternatively, you can go along for the ride and be more involved (and yes, they can make clothes shopping fun!). Or, they can shop on your behalf and deliver to your home or office for your approval. How good is that!

    3. Seasons. Stylists can drop back into your lives for updates as the seasons change for clearing out and re-stocking of any seasonal pieces required.

 It's time to hire a personal stylist if:

     You are unsure where to shop for the right clothes.
     You don’t know what to buy when you get there.
     You’re not confident about how to put outfits together
You’re not clear on what shape, fit and colours suit you.
      You’d like clarity on what to wear for certain occasions.
       You're tired of wasting both time and money.
     You’d rather be doing other things with your spare time rather than clothes shopping!

A personal stylist could be the solution.

Be bold, be brave, let’s turn heads!




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