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Leigh jokingly describes herself as the ‘female eye for the modern guy’ 

Passionately creating a stylish way for clients to live and love life.

She’s the Blonde At Life by the Blonde, the interior designer and fashion stylist as well as the chief troublemaker, the organiser, style queen, wine taster and problem solver.  Interested in all things stylish, beautiful and creative in the world. She loves to travel, to see, to visit, to talk, to meet, to be inspired and source from wherever her  travels take her. Fashion, furniture, accessories, music, people, art, fabric, shoes, food, wine, cocktails and books. She’s a collector of interesting people, stories, experiences, animals and pieces of life that she’s discovered through serendipitous happenstances.

Having lived and worked in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali and Sydney this has given Leigh a certain savoir faire and an exposure to a spectrum of styles, fashions, products and creativity and a very healthy relationship with her suitcase. 

She loves finding creative ways to make clients homes suit the needs of their modern lives. The individuality of each of her client’s projects drives her unbridled enthusiasm for their home’s renovation and decoration. Her clients often remark that her positive attitude and calm demeanor through design challenges and renovation roadblocks leaves them feeling confident that their home is in the best of hands.  It’s this grace under pressure that she's honed over 25 years as an interior designer and stylist delivering numerous projects all over the world. It was during these fast-paced years, darting the globe on multiple projects and experiencing some of the world’s most luxurious homes and resorts, that she's cultivated her own  personal aesthetic and appreciation for well-designed surroundings.

Essentially she adds thoughtfulness, exquisite touches and careful consideration to the important things so you can add them into your life.

Tasks she's been asked to complete over the years and products and gifts she's been asked to source have certainly been varied. From compiling a complete wardrobe inventory for one of the world's youngest female millionaire’s to bedecking an entire family home with sparkling Christmas decorations ahead of the family returning home for the festivities. Sourcing and designing diamond encrusted poker chips for one very serious poker player to helping one very nervous gentleman prepare for asking one very big question ( she said yes!)

With a career spanning 25 years in high end residential interior and boutique hotel design and fashion styling she come fully qualified and equipped to handle any lifestyle, interior or style crisis.

She's also completed  Business of Fashion's Fashion Styling and Image Course with Lucinda Chambers and also completed the NHJ Style Consultancy both men and women styling courses in London.