Life By The Blonde

The Female Eye for the Modern Guy

Life By The Blonde

The Female Eye for the Modern Guy

Life By The Blonde

The Female Eye for the Modern Guy

Life By The Blonde

The Female Eye for the Modern Guy

Life By The Blonde

The Female Eye for the Modern Guy

Fashion, Interior and Lifestyle Solutions

Life by the Blonde - a Fashion Styling, Interior Design Studio & Lifestyle Consultancy, passionately creating a stylish way for our clients to live and love life.

At Life by the Blonde we love and live a streamlined life. We believe life should be enjoyably effortless and stylish so whether you require a fashion & style overhaul, an interior design rethink, or some helpful lifestyle help,  we're here to help you create a more stylish and simple way of life.

What We Offer

Our Style Packages

The Sartorialist Half Day image
The Sartorialist Half Day


We know a lot of men don’t adore clothes shopping or choosing outfits so let us loose in your wardrobe, we’ll establish what’s working for you, what’s not and what new items you need for you and your lifestyle.

The Stylish Gent One Day image
The Stylish Gent One Day


 We'll swoop in and sort out your wardrobe with our wardrobe edit. Once we've establish your sartorial wish list, we'll hit the shops on your behalf. All we need you to do is rock up and try stuff on. Simple!

The Everyday Hero Three Days image
The Everyday Hero Three Days


Lets put your whole house in order!  As well as sorting out your wardrobe we'll then work our magic on the rest of your home. Let's establish the lifestyle you want most once your house and wardrobe has been put in order.

The Modern Day Renaissance Man Six Days image
The Modern Day Renaissance Man Six Days


Renaissance man. An outstandingly versatile, well-rounded person, who performs brilliantly in many different fields. Let us help you get there with Six days of Life By The Blonde. To create space for life and time to live.

What We Do

  • We make life stylishly simple. We live in a world, now more than ever, where we’re expected to hold down a hugely rewarding and successful job, raise a well-adjusted family, have a full and fascinating social life, an investment portfolio, go on fabulous holidays, save the world, have the health of an elite athlete, be a fully present partner, friend and boss and still be home in time to put the kids to bed without so much as a hair out of place! 

    Where and how do we find the time to achieve all of this?

    Created to serve the modern man, both personally and professionally, Life by the Blonde takes a multidimensional approach to working with clients, an approach that sees Life by the Blonde provide expert advice and support across areas such as , FASHION & STYLE, INTERIOR DESIGN, PERSONAL GROOMING, FOOD & DRINK and LIFESTYLE. Our focus is on bringing greater flexibility to personal time – both in creating more of it and making the most of it.

The Blonde

An Interior Designer and Fashion Stylist who passionately creates a stylish way for clients to live and love life.

  • Skills

    She’s The Blonde At Life by the Blonde, the Interior Designer, the Fashion Stylist as well as the chief troublemaker, the organiser, style queen, wine taster and problem solver. Interested in all things stylish, beautiful and creative in the world.

Take a look at what we've done

Here's what our clients have to say.

Leigh's been designing my properties for years. It's her attention to details which make what she does so special. A pleasure to work with every time.

When I got to know how all my clothes worked best together it was like I had a new wardrobe. A couple of new things to link it all together and everything became easier. Who knew that a pocket square and new sunglasses would change everything?

My house has a new lease of life! Love entertaining and having friends over now. Love where I live again.

Reorganized my home, reorganized my closet, reorganized my life! Leigh freed up so much free time for me. Priceless.

Leigh restyled our home and got it looking amazing for going on the market. Great service!