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"I want to change the way men shop for clothes online"

This is the first line I wrote in my journal in 2019.

As a men’s fashion stylist, I’ve spent many years styling men across the globe. Recognising that clothes shopping styles are not homogenous to both men and women, I started exploring the differences in how men and women shop for clothes. I wanted to develop a range and create a shopping experience that recognises men's natural shopping styles, easing their shopping pain points and is more in tune with how men naturally prefer to shop. With most men buying more products less often and the same product in multiple colourways our capsules mirror this.

Collating my favourite, most versatile pieces, I have created small, beautifully crafted capsules containing elegant, modern pieces. Every colour, shape, and fabric work in harmony to allow men to enjoy life's great adventures stylishly and effortlessly.

My vision was to create a suitcase ready capsule of clothes which empowers, enables and excites men to purchase clothes confidently with minimum effort and maximum style. Our capsule concept ensures that no matter what pieces you choose, everything works beautifully together, ensuring you turn heads for all the right reasons.

Life by the Blonde capsules make life a little easier, a little more stylish; a trailblazing concept creating a new way of shopping for the perfect wardrobe for the confident globe trotter.

Leigh Millar

Founder & Stylist


Changing Times

The world is changing. How people live, work, travel, play and shop is evolving. It’s easier and faster with people now living life on their terms, and the situations in which we all find ourselves throughout the course of a day, week or month can be many and varied.

The Life by the Blonde capsules have been created for the modern-day Renaissance man. He’s the man who lives in a world where now, more than ever, he’s expected to hold down a hugely rewarding and successful job, have a profitable side hustle, raise a well-adjusted family, have a fantastic social life, travel the world (and save the world!) have the health of an elite athlete, be a fully present partner, lover, friend and boss and still be home in time to put the kids to bed without so much as a hair out of place. He’s your everyday hero who is always sartorially ‘on the money’ despite what his day throws at him.

Like our man, we wanted to create a collection of clothing that had his traits and qualities. He’s elegant, cosmopolitan, adaptable, considered and versatile. 

The capsule concept

Men can sometimes find it difficult or time-consuming to choose how to dress in the morning. We believe our capsule concept provides a solution. Our Life by the Blonde members have active lives, constantly on the move and doing different things each day. We designed and created pieces to work hard in our clients’ lives offering great versatility and superior quality.

Each Life by the Blonde Capsule features fourteen cosmopolitan items that offers a simple, unimpeachable wardrobe that works for our modern-day Renaissance man. A natural solution for busy, modern men will allow them to get on with their lives without the daily challenge of what to wear and how to put things together.

We’re an elegant fashion life-hack that’s about luxury and simplicity.

Style icons

The style influence of the Life by the Blonde Capsule comes from style icons. The effortless and impeccable summer style of men of ’50s and '60s Havana, the charisma of gentlemen in the Hampton’s and the sartorial allure of men in Italy and the South of France – think JFK and Marilyn hanging out in Palm Springs, Jude Law in The Talented Mr Ripley and Pablo Picasso simply being Pablo. The question is this. If these style icons were all around today, what would they be wearing?

Design inspiration

We are inspired by loose tailoring, light, breathable linens and the tranquillity of a seaside colour palette; timeless summer attire and swimwear that is perfect for the beach and beyond, highlighting our love of summer fun. With modern, chic, easy layering options, you will look breezy and suave from head to toe, a true master in the art of St Tropez living.This is a collection of pieces you don't simply wear but truly live in. It’s the linen shirt, whose sleeves you roll up before rigging a yacht mast, or the simple t-shirt you wear for a day perusing the food markets in Southeast Asia. 

And why Life by the Blonde?

At Life by the Blonde, our goal was to develop a site and concept where Leigh's life, travel and style skills could be put to best use - leaving our customers more time to be getting on with something far more interesting.

The face behind Life by the Blonde

There’s a Negroni loving woman at the helm. Life by the Blonde founder, Leigh Millar, is the real-life female eye for the modern guy. Leigh has been living and working internationally for the past 25 years, creating her high-end interior design and fashion styling practice.

“I’ve always gravitated to people who travel, can tell a good story, mix a mean cocktail and have great style.

I love to travel and have a passion for design classics, vintage cars, following the sun and taking on new adventures in a heartbeat.

I’ve travelled the world, collecting stories and understanding how men want to live and feel in clothes.”

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